Raw Material and Parts
Purchase most of the key raw material such as contact material, magnetic material, copper wire, spring material, special plastics from those famous factories in Japan, Germany or South Korea,to assure the products quality. Many key parts are produced automatically by continuous stepping mould.

Manufacturing process, equipment and testing instruments:
Imported from Japan, America, South Korea and Taiwan over 30 production lines and automatic wire winding machines, automatic welding machines. On the production lines are installed left-over magnet, anti-static and dust blowing machines. The products are sealed with Japanese automatic epoxy sealing machines.

Imported from abroad the testing instruments, leakage inspection instruments and multiple parameter testers used in the production process. The products are 100% inspected before shipments. SMT products are manufactured and tested with automatic machines and instruments. Reliability and environmental tests are done with full set equipment.

Imported 3 automatic production lines making the third generation communication relays, DIL and SMT products. The parts are processed by automatic stepping mould and laser welding. The assembly and testing are done by fully automatic equipment, eliminating labour handling mistake factor. The products are through reliability ad environmental tests to assure high quality, high reliability and high consistency.