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30A Miniature Automotive PCB Relay

30A Miniature Automotive PCB Relay

For 30A Miniature Automotive PCB Relay, everyone has different special concerns about it, and what we do is to maximize the product requirements of each customer, so the quality of our 30A Miniature Automotive PCB Relay has been well received by many customers and enjoyed a good reputation in many countries.

● Limiting continuous current 30A
● Wide temperature range : -40°C to 105° C
● Minimal Weight
● RoHS Compliant


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Product Description

Forward Relay 30A Miniature Automotive PCB Relay have characteristic design & practical performance & competitive price, for more information on the 30A Miniature Automotive PCB Relay, please feel free to contact us.


Small size, light weight.

Withstands high temperature, operating under 105 ambient temperature.

Heavy contact load switching current up to 30A.

Suitable for automobile and lamp accessories application.

Ordering Information

1 Part number: NV23K,NV23KW(Wide pin)

2 Contact arrangement: A:1A C:1C

3 Enclosure: S: Wash tight
Z: Flux proof

4 Contact current: 0.55:0.55W

5 Coil rated voltage(V): DC:5,10,12,24

6 Coil power: 30:30A 20:20A

Contact Data

Contact Arrangement 1A(SPSTNO) 1C(SPDT(B-M))
Contact Material AgSnO2
Contact Rating(Resistive) NO:30A/14VDC; NC:25A/14VDC
NO:20A/14VDC; NC:15A/14VDC
Max.Switching Power 420W
Max.Switching Voltage 24VDC
Max. Switching Current:30A
Max.carrying current NO:40A for 2 minutes,30A for 1 hour(12VDC at 20℃);
35A for 2 minutes,25A for 1hour(12VDC at 85℃)
Voltage Drop(Initial) Typ. 30mV (at 10A) Item 4.12 of IEC 61810-7
Operation Life Electrical 1×105
Item 4.30 of IEC 61810-7
Mechanical 1×107
Item 4.31 of IEC 61810-7


1.For the intermediate current, it only applies to the room temperature.

Coil Parameter

Dash numbers Coil voltage VDC Coil resistance
Ω ±10%
Pick-up voltage VDC(max) (58% of rated voltage) Drop-out voltage VDC(min) (12.5% of rated voltage) Coil power W Operate time ms Release time ms
Rated Max.
005-550 5 6 45.5 3.51) 0.625 0.55 ≤4 ≤1.5
010-550 10 12 181 5.8 1.25 0.55
012-570 12 14.4 254 7 1.5 0.57
024-570 24 28.8 1010 13.9 3 0.57


1). Max.Pick-up voltage of 5VDC, 70% of rated voltage .

2).The use of any coil voltage less than the rated coil voltage will compromise the operation of the relay.

3).Pickup and release voltage are for test purposes only and are not to be used as design criteria.


Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ min (at 500VDC) Item 4.11 of IEC 61810-7
Dielectric Strength

Between Contacts 50Hz 500V Item 4.9 of IEC 61810-7
Between Contact and Coil 50Hz 500V Item 4.9 of IEC 61810-7
Shock Resistance 294m/s²                   6ms Item 4.26 of IEC 61810-7
Vibration Resistance 10Hz~500Hz Double amplitude 1.27mm
Item 4.28 of IEC 61810-7
Terminals Strength 10N Item 4.24 of IEC 61810-7
Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ 105℃
Relative Humidity 5% to 85% Item 4.16 of IEC 61810-7
Mass 4g Item 4.7 of IEC 61810-7



In case of no tolerance shown in outline dimension: outline dimension ≤1mm tolerance should be ±0.2mm outline dimension >1mm and ≤5mm, tolerance should be ±0.3mm; outline dimension >5mm, tolerance should be ±0.4mm.

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