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20A Power PCB Relay

20A Power PCB Relay

You can rest assured to buy 20A Power PCB Relay from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. For more information, contact us now.

● 20A switching capability
● Small size; light weight
● Plastic sealed and flux proofed types available
● RoHS Compliant


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Product Description

As a professional high quality 20A Power PCB Relay manufacture, you can rest assured to buy 20A Power PCB Relay from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.With many European and American, Asian and domestic customers, we have established long-term good relationship with common progress. Sincerely expect to join hands with you to create the future.


Small size, light weight.

Low coil consumption.

PC board mounting.

Suitable for household electrical appliances, automation system, electronic equipment, instrument, meter, telecommunication facilities and remote control facilities.

Ordering Information

1 Part number: NT78

2 Contact arrangement: A:1A B:1B C:1C U:1U

3 Enclosure: S: Wash tight NIL:Flux proof

4 Coil power: 0.6:0.6W 0.8:0.8W

5 Coil rated voltage(V):  DC:6,9,12,24

Contact Data

Contact Arrangement 1A(SPSTNO) 1B(SPSTNC) 1C(SPDT(B-M)) 1U(SPSTNODM)
Contact Material AgSnO2
Contact Rating (Resistive) NO:20A/14VDC 10A/120VAC,5A/250VAC NC:15A/14VDC,10A/120VAC,5A/250VAC IA:30A/14VDC IU:2×    10A/14VDC
Motor Load : 1/2HP 125VAC
Max. Switching Power 420W 1250VA
Max. Switching Voltage 30VDC 277VAC Max. Switching Current: 30A
Voltage Drop(Initial) Typ. 50mV(at 10A)  Item 4.12 of IEC 61810-7
Electrical 1×105 Item 4.30 of IEC 61810-7
Mechanical 1×107 Item 4.31 of IEC 61810-7


1.For the intermediate current, it only applies to the room temperature.

Coil Parameter

Dash numbers Coil voltage VDC Coil resistance Ω ± 10% Pick-up voltage VDC(max) (80%of rated voltage ) Drop-out voltage VDC(min) (5% of rated voltage) Coil power W Operate time ms Release time ms
Rated Max.
006-600 6 6.6 60 4.8 0.30 0.6 ≤10 ≤5
009-600 9 9.9 135 7.2 0.45
012-600 12 13.2 240 9.6 0.60
024-600 24 26.4 960 19.2 1.20
006-800 6 6.6 45 4.8 0.30 0.8 ≤10 ≤5
009-800 9 9.9 102 7.2 0.45
012-800 12 13.2 180 9.6 0.60
024-800 24 26.4 720 19.2 1.20


1. The use of any coil voltage less than the rated coil voltage will compromise the operation of the relay. 2.Pickup and release voltage are for test purposes only and are not to be used as design criteria.


Insulation Resistance 100MΩ min (at 500VDC) Item 4.11 of IEC 61810-7
Dielectric Strength    

Between Contacts 50Hz 500V Item 4.9 of IEC 61810-7
Between Contact and Coil 50Hz 500V Item 4.9 of IEC 61810-7
Shock Resistance 98m/s2 11ms Item 4.26 of IEC 61810-7
Vibration Resistance 10Hz~55Hz Double amplitude 1.5mm Item 4.28 of IEC 61810-7
Terminals Strength 10N Item 4.24 of IEC 61810-7
Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Relative Humidity 5% to 85% Item 4.16 of IEC 61810-7
Mass 6g Item 4.7 of IEC 61810-7

Safety Approvals

Safety approval UL&CUR TUV
Load NO: 20A/14VDC 10A/120VAC
NC: 10A/14VDC
1/2HP 125VAC TV-5



In case of no tolerance shown in outline dimension: outline dimension ≤1mm tolerance should be ±0.2mm outline dimension >1mm and ≤5mm, tolerance should be ±0.3mm; outline dimension >5mm, tolerance should be ±0.4mm.

Reference Data

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